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17 Awesome Hidden Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

Hidden Under Stair Storage Design Ideas Under The Stairs for those of you who have lots of goods and furniture, with a size of a house that is not too big, is a common problem and is often found by everyone. One of the big consequences, the confusion of placing goods into things that are often confusing. However, it is precisely from this limitation that ultimately demands you, as a small-sized residential owner, to be more intelligent and careful in getting around and utilizing every available space. It’s time to think more creatively and create alternative storage spaces for you.

Did you know that there is a corner area of ​​the house that is often forgotten? including this is the area under the stairs. This area has enormous potential for you to turn into a storage cabinet. And it’s not just a cupboard, you can even design it into a bookshelf, a display rack, or a mini wardrobe or clothes storage cabinet. More than just a link between floors, almost all parts of the stairs can be used for storage for you. In the steps, for example, you can make a storage drawer. While at the bottom, you can design a versatile shelf or cupboard, or even other types of storage. so you want to have a storage area under the ladder but you are still confused about that. so you don’t need to worry about it, this is what we are for.

Below Are 17 Awesome Hidden Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

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