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10 Fabulous Minimalist Bathtub Design Ideas You Can Try

A good bathroom is not only beautiful but also functional with complete furniture, such as toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. A bathroom that uses a bathtub is a design that you may have seen often. The design of the bathtub bathroom to date is much in demand because it is very convenient for a place of self-relaxation. For those of you who want to install a bathtub in the bathroom, I have some inspiration for a bathtub bathroom design that you can make a reference.

Who says narrow bathrooms cannot use bathtubs? Despite having a limited area, a bathtub can still be used in minimalist bathroom design. Minimalist bathroom design with a bathtub now more and more. However, with the size of the bathroom that is not spacious, you certainly have to be observant in choosing the right bathtub so that the minimalist bathroom does not look crowded and crowded. Unlike the shower room, the use of a bathtub does need more space. So before buying a bathtub, make sure you first measure the bathroom space that will be occupied by the bathtub, so that later the minimalist bathroom will not be narrower and still have enough room to move.

Fabulous Minimalist Bathtub Design
Fabulous Minimalist Bathtub Design

But if you want a different look, you can use the circular bathtub in your minimalist bathroom. This attractive bathtub can be used as a center point in your bathroom. So that the bathroom looks more spacious, you can apply a white theme to sweeten the atmosphere of the bathroom and reinforce its minimalist design. Here are some minimalist bathtub design ideas that are ready for you.

Corner Bathtub

This type of bathtub is perfect for a narrow, minimalist bathroom. Placement in the corner of the bathroom makes this bathtub will not take up much space. Corner bathtubs are mostly made of acrylic material because it is more easily formed. So you can get this bathtub in any shape you want.

Corner Small Bathtubs
Corner Small Bathtubs – Source: highgate-design.com
Corner Bathtub TrojanCast Laguna
Corner Bathtub TrojanCast Laguna – Source: lowcostplumbingsupplies.co.uk

Stone Bathtub

A stone bathtub or stone bathtub is no doubt the robustness and durability. This unique bathtub shape will make the bathroom look more charming. This type of bathtub is very suitable for use in bathrooms with outdoor themes. An outdoor bathroom with natural nuances of bamboo and wood elements will be even more beautiful with this bathtub made of wood.

Stone Bathtub Ideas
Stone Bathtub Ideas – Source: hozamcentrum.com
Natural Boulder Freestanding Bathtub
Natural Boulder Freestanding Bathtub – Source: stoneforest.com

Freestanding Bathtub

For those of you who carry the minimalist bathroom design, this freestanding bathtub can be the right choice. Freestanding bathtubs are also widely liked by people because they are installed just like that so that their feet stand immediately on the floor. This type of bathtub is usually placed close to the wall to be the center point in the bathroom.

Inexpensive Freestanding Bathtub
Inexpensive Freestanding Bathtub – Source: terminal-elite.info
Classic freestanding bathtubes
Classic freestanding bathtubes – Source: thebestofdesign.eu

Claw-foot Bathtub

This type of bathtub is perfect for all bathroom interior designs, including vintage-style bathroom designs. The claw-foot bathtub with four legs is very stylish and looks more modern. Claw-foot bathtub can be placed in the corner, facing the window, or opposite the wall.

Antique Bathtub
Antique Bathtub – Source: m.alibaba.com
Clawfoot Bathtubs With Shower
Clawfoot Bathtubs With Shower – Source: joyfulexecutions.com

Whirlpool Bathtub

Whirlpool bathtub is better known as the Jacuzzi. Generally, this type of bathtub is used for spas and is made of porcelain and glass on the walls. Whirlpool bathtub is very suitable for the interior design of a luxurious and classy bathroom.

World Pool Bath Tubs
World Pool Bath Tubs – Source: terminal-elite.info
Verona Whirlpool Bath
Verona Whirlpool Bath – Source: midlandshottubs.co.uk

That’s 5 types of bathtubs that you can try for your minimalist bathroom, so you can get a comfortable sensation when soaking in your own bathroom.

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