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6 Beautiful Small Garden Design Ideas to Keep Houses Fresh

Most of us want to have a small garden at home. With the garden, we can enjoy fresh air, become an artist by planning the layout of flowers and garden trinkets, or enjoying ornamental plants.

The garden is the perfect place to enjoy time with family and friends. There we can enjoy food or throw a party. Having a small garden does not mean we cannot have a spectacular effect on it, let alone having a large garden.

The challenge is how to make the park beautiful, interesting so we can be entertained to see it. We must decide whether we want the park to be our own design or entrust its design and implementation to the experts. Then determine what type of garden is chosen. Is the grass enough, should you add a few colorful flowerpots? More complex compositions must be considered.

Small balcony Garden
Small Garden Ideas

All of these choices must also refer to the original purpose and function of your garden. It is the park to relax with a book, or as a place to eat together, or even for a party?

Here are 6 Beautiful Small Garden Design Ideas to Keep Houses Fresh

Backyard Designs With Gravel
Some supplements that you can use for your small gravel garden as the base. The use of gravel is currently trending. Although it has a narrow garden, still you have to highlight the green area.

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Patio Garden Ideas
If you have a patio next to the house or behind the house, you can provide small plants like this small garden design idea. We recommend only using flowers to make them more pleasing to the eye.

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Small Backyard Garden Ideas
The next small garden which only requires about 3m x 3m space. This space is certainly quite limited where you can do it on the back terrace of your house. This space is certainly enough to plant several types of flowers and several other plants.

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Small Backyard Garden
For those of you who have narrow land, of course, you can provide space with an elongated shape with a hallway in the garden. This space you can later make with elongated shapes. That way, you can plant several types of plants or flowers next to the hallway.

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Small balcony Garden
Comes with an extraordinary appearance certainly does not have to have a large area. As you can see in the picture above, the garden on the balcony is a place that steals your attention. So beautiful!

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Small Vertical Garden
For those of you who have limited land, you can copy this one vertical garden design. This garden model does not provide enough space. You definitely only like a few types of plants that exist in most homes. Amazing, right?

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