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5 Awesome Bathroom Wall Design Ideas To Beautify Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that is used for self-cleaning. You can take a shower, defecate, urinate, and wash your hands in the bathroom. Because it is identical to water, bathrooms must be designed waterproof. Especially the walls and bathroom tiles that sometimes get splashed when you take a shower. Even so, that doesn’t mean the bathroom wall should look monotonous. You can also give various touches to your bathroom wall to make it look more beautiful to look at.

Although the bathroom wall is not so important to you, you need to know that the beauty of your bathroom is also obtained from the beauty of your bathroom wall. How smart are you in making your bathroom walls that should be plain become more beautiful with a variety of inspiration. Like some bathroom wall design ideas that I have prepared for you to imitate. Here are some cool bathroom wall inspirations for you:

Awesome Bathroom Wall Design
Awesome Bathroom Wall Design

Walls with Marble

Some houses with classic and modern styles usually use marble walls. Although the price is very expensive, marble gives the impression of luxury in your bathroom. There are quite a few choices of marble pattern, but the price is usually much more expensive than ceramics. This idea is usually used by many people who have and want a luxurious design in the bathroom.

Marble Bathroom
Marble Bathroom – Source: homedepotyou.blogspot.com

Black Ceramic Walls

The bathroom is identical to wet and dirty. Puddles and splashes of water left alone will make your bathroom mossy. If you are one of those who do not like to clean the bathroom, maybe the inspiration for a black bathroom wall can disguise your dirty bathroom. You can use black tiles to decorate your bathroom wall.

Ceramic Texture Toilet
Ceramic Texture Toilet – Source: sandiegomarbletile.com

Walls With Plant Motives

Bathroom walls do not have to be patterned boxes, and lines. The bathroom can also be given an outdoor touch such as the creative design of Mt House, which utilizes tangible carvings of plants on the bathroom walls. With the touch of a creative hand, you can create unlimited beauty with natural designs that are on the walls of your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall With Plant Motives
Bathroom Wall With Plant Motives – Source: www.decor-ideas.org

Wooden Walls For The Bathroom

In appearance, the wood element will give warmth and a traditional impression. However, if used as a bathroom wall, wood will quickly decay and fade when exposed to water continuously.

Rendering contemporary wood bathroom
Rendering contemporary wood bathroom – Source: rockform.co.uk

Brick Wall Bathroom

The easiest way to create a bathroom with a traditional impression is the use of exposed brick walls. However, the humidity level of bricks is very high and easily absorbs water, consequently, it will be easily mossy if exposed to water splashes continuously.

Brick Wall Bathroom Ideas
Brick Wall Bathroom Ideas – Source: usdecorating.com

That’s 5 bathroom wall design ideas that will give you comfort while bathing. If you want to see other ideas about bathroom design and decor, you can click here.

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