10 Awesome Studio Apartment Design And Decor Ideas You Can Try

Just because your studio is less than 600 square feet, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a small dorm room. In fact, there are many creative ways to utilize the space you have and make it feel more open and spacious. Of course, you can not magically expand the footprint of your apartment. But with a little space planning and proper decoration, you can maximize every square inch of your place to create the mature home you deserve – no renovation needed! You only need to open your mind a little to receive a variety of magical inspiration in making the design and decoration of a comfortable studio apartment.

Especially common among city dwellers, studio flats are an increasingly popular type of property. Living in an open city apartment, packed with innovative storage and matching the latest trends and accessories is the dream of many people. However, living in such a small area is indeed very challenging, so it is not surprising that many people struggle to think of ways to plan studio apartment space efficiently so that they get comfortable in their apartment.

Awesome Studio Apartment Design
Awesome Studio Apartment Design

Although space can be limited, there are dozens of ways you can incorporate practical designs to maximize your studio apartment. The best studio apartment designs are those that utilize space, with smart storage and multi-functional furniture. Equipped with minimalist trends such as Scandinavian design, studio apartments don’t have to be messy and don’t accommodate. With various decorating ideas that you can get by looking at this article, you can try to make your studio apartment more comfortable.

From multi-zone studio apartment spaces to beautiful floors and multifunctional furnishings, we have compiled a selection of stylish studio apartment ideas from several expert interior designers to inspire the design of your studio apartment. The layout of the apartment below shows how easy it is to work with what you have and manage to decorate a small space. The possibilities are endless – even with the lack of square footage. Let’s look at ideas that you can try to build comfort in your studio apartment.

Use Bookshelves as Room Dividers

With the openness of studio apartments, it is sometimes difficult to make a determined floor plan. The best way to do this is to carve an area in your apartment studio with large furniture such as a bookshelf. So you can separate your personal space while providing storage for your books and belongings.

Creative Book Storage Hacks
Creative Book Storage Hacks – Source: pinterest.ie
Creative Book Storage in Apartment
Creative Book Storage in Apartment – Source: tr.pinterest.com

Turn Your Bed Into A Daybed

If you lack space, you can turn your bed into a daybed. This will allow you to use your bed as a sofa during the day to make additional seating options in your apartment studio. So you can minimize the space you use so that it takes up less space in your apartment.

Day Bed Inspiration
Day Bed Inspiration – Source: pinterest.com.au
Day Bed Design In Apartment
Day Bed Design In Apartment – Source: raykom.net

Determine Accent Walls That Fit For Your Apartment

Making accent walls in a small apartment studio is a great way to create some visual interest. Accent walls function as giant works of art. To make your studio apartment look more beautiful and interesting to look at.

Determine Accent Walls Inspiration
Determine Accent Walls Inspiration – Source: ideas-forhome.com
Determine Accent Walls Ideas
Determine Accent Walls Ideas – Source: abc-curtains.ru

Use Curtains to Separate Your Personal Space

Another easy and easy way to define your space is with curtains. So you can determine and separate your own personal space with a curtain so that it does not cost much and also excessive space. You can use curtains with motifs to make everything more beautiful and amazing.

Curtain For Hanging Room Divider Ideas
Curtain For Hanging Room Divider Ideas – Source: m.alibaba.com
Curtain For Hanging Room Divider
Curtain For Hanging Room Divider – Source: pinterest.ie

Wall Shelf Is The Right Choice For You

Wall shelves are another great way to determine the area and create extra storage space. Because it is available in various sizes, you can make a wall rack arrangement like this that is not stacked evenly but utilizes limited space on the sofa. A simple wall shelf is also a solution right next to your front door if you don’t have enough space for the entrance furniture.

Wall Shelf For Storage
Wall Shelf For Storage – Source: eemiami.net
Wall Shelf For Storage Inspiration
Wall Shelf For Storage Inspiration – Source: twitter.com

How? You feel drawn to try the studio apartment design and decoration ideas above to maximize your studio apartment. Here I also have a wonderful apartment living room design idea for you to see. click here.

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