15 Beautiful Natural Stone Bathroom Design Ideas for You to Try

Natural stone bathroom design can be the right choice for you who like the natural and natural impression in the bathroom. The design of natural stone bathroom today is indeed being excellent because it can enhance the natural and cool impression like in resorts or soothing spa areas. With a combination of beautiful and diverse natural stones, you can create a bathroom design with stylish natural stone for a more comfortable shower.

This natural stone bathroom design not only can you use to just cleanse the body, but you can also use it for a place of relaxation. This natural stone bathroom with natural coolness and calm will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. In addition to presenting a maximum natural feel, the bathroom with the arrangement of natural stones creates a unique and attractive design.

Beautiful Natural Stone Bathroom
Beautiful Natural Stone Bathroom

To get the maximum natural stone bathroom design, you can make natural stone arrangements that meet the walls of your bathroom. The more and more clear the exposure of these natural stones, the more the sensation of bathing in the open is also felt. In addition to the walls and floor, you can also use coral as a footing under the shower which will give a more natural atmosphere to your bathroom.

The type of natural stone used for wall and floor materials is certainly different. For walls, you can choose andesite stones with the best motifs or choose rocks that have been cut to form beautiful patterns. As for the bathroom floor, you can use a type of marble natural stone that is often used to create bathroom design concepts.

Here are some natural stone bathroom designs that you can make an inspiration.

Andesite Natural Stone Bathroom

Andesite natural stone is the type of natural stone that is most widely used to design homes, including bathrooms. Andesite natural stone there is a dark color and also lighter colors. So you just choose whichever is appropriate.

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Bathroom with marble stone

This marble stone is also widely used to cover the floors and walls of a house, including the bathroom. This marble stone displays a unique and attractive design. In addition to being unique, this marble stone can also add an elegant and luxurious impression to your bathroom.

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Bathroom with Pebbles

This pebble stone is a type of natural stone with small sizes such as marbles. You can use this large amount of gravel as a floor under the shower to get a more unique and natural impression. This type of stone is also durable and easily arranged in the process of designing a bathroom.

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