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5 Best Zen Garden Design Ideas To Make You More Relaxed

Japanese stone garden or “dry landscape” garden, often called a zen garden, creates a miniature style garden through carefully arranged stone arrangements, water features, moss, pruned trees, and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is swept to represent ripples in water Zen gardens are usually relatively small, surrounded by walls, and are usually meant to be seen while sitting from one viewpoint outside the park, such as the Hojo terrace, the residence of the head monk of a temple or monastery. Classical zen gardens were made in Zen Buddhist temples in Kyoto, Japan during the Muromachi Period. They are meant to imitate the intimate nature of nature, not its true appearance, and to help meditate on the true meaning of life.

Zen Garden is an interesting and very spiritual aspect of the Japanese gardening tradition. The typical Zen Garden consists of a kind of closed and shallow sand field that features mostly sand or gravel with rocks of various shapes and sizes. Rocks and sand (or gravel) are the main elements of the park, which generally creates views of the islands in the sea.

Best Zen Garden Design Ideas
Best Zen Garden Design Ideas

Sand or gravel in the Zen garden represents the sea or the sea and is used as a substitute for water. This will swept carefully by monks who tend to create the impression of waves on the surface of a body of water. The rock itself represents an island or rock formation that protrudes out of the water. The overall goal is to create small-scale recreation from aerial views or cliff tops from intricate coastal views.

One of the main differences between Zen gardens and most other varieties is the lack of a living element. Although grass is sometimes included, no other plants or flower species will be found in the classic Zen garden. This can be very unusual and interesting for people who have no past experience with the history and meaning of the Zen garden.

Kogetsudai: Gravel Mountains

Gravel formed into a cone shape can represent a mountain, with the style of a giant sand cone at the Ginkaku-Ji Temple representing Mt. Fuji This design idea is one of the zen garden designs that can make you more comfortable when looking at your garden to release excessive dizziness.

Kogetsudai Zen Garden
Kogetsudai Zen Garden – Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Zen Garden “Evergreens”

Trees and shrubs, often placed singly as or along with the Zen garden, are often green to make year-round complements for other elements. This zen garden design is more focused on combining two elements of comfort where the green color of the plants and the characteristics of the zen garden with sand and gravel have patterns for deeper relaxation. At the same time to be a place where you think positively.

Zen Garden Evergreens
Zen Garden Evergreens – Source: wall.cookdiary.net

Karesansui: Stone Statue

In the Zen garden, the shape and placement of stones is a major design component. Depending on the size and silhouette, the stone can symbolize a mountain, island, or welcome (if placed at the entrance to the park). Rock can also awaken five natural elements, including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth

Karesansui Stone Statue Zen Garden
Karesansui Stone Statue Zen Garden – Source: asisbiz.com

Karetaki: Dry Waterfall

The only thing missing is water. To design karetaki, arrange rocks, sand, and gravel to make a symbolic waterfall. That way you can have a zen garden design that is similar to the structure of a natural waterfall for you to make a beautiful garden in your home.

Karetaki Dry Waterfall Zen Garden
Karetaki Dry Waterfall Zen Garden – Source: tokyophotolog.wordpress.com

Choose Your Zen Garden Perspective

Design your Zen garden to be seen from one perspective. Sit in a chair and survey the design – whether it’s pleasing to the eye or not. Because in general the zen garden is made to make you more comfortable and has a clean and relaxed view.

Choose Your Zen Garden Perspective
Choose Your Zen Garden Perspective – Source: pinterest.at

How? Have you found your Zen garden design ideas? If true then please immediately create your own zen garden design to create a comfortable space in your home. Here we also have Asian garden design ideas that you can see. Click here

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