Wonderful Wood Slice Decoration Ideas To Beautify Your Home

There is something very unique and versatile about these cute little pieces from nature, whether real or fake that are perfect for home decor projects. Wood pieces add rustic warmth and charm to your decor. It’s no secret that this little piece outside the room has become very popular lately, and fortunately so many people have created funny ideas about how to decorate it. And a way to create this design idea in your home.

Making your own handicrafts featuring these cheap pieces of wood is not only attractive but can also provide great satisfaction because it is a decoration statement for your home. You will find a building that is very satisfying and creates your own unique work that can be used for years to come and will be a hot topic of conversation when you have guests in your home. Therefore I will give you some smart ideas in the design of wooden pieces to decorate your home.

Whether you are looking for wooden ornaments for your walls, center for your table or for special occasions or holidays, you have come to the right place! Look at these beautiful and simple wooden projects and decorations that bring the charm of open nature to your home. See some of the beautiful design and decoration ideas from wood pieces below.

Wood Slice Decoration Ideas
Wood Slice Decoration Ideas

Mid-Century Rustic Wood Slice End Table

What may look like a daunting project, this gorgeous wooden end table is really quite simple to create. Using just a few natural materials, you are on your way to crafting a stunning piece of furniture. How perfect would this end table look in your living room or bedroom?

Mid Century Rustic Wood Slice End Table
Mid Century Rustic Wood Slice End Table – Source: twitter.com

Budget-Friendly Wood Slice Wall Mirror

If you’re looking for a super fun weekend project, this may be just the one for you! With a variety of sizes of wooden slices, you can create such wonderful pieces of wall art for your living space. You could place this nature-inspired mirror virtually anywhere in your home the entryway, living room, dining room, bedroom or even above the bathroom sink!

Budget Friendly Wood Slice Wall Mirror
Budget-Friendly Wood Slice Wall Mirror – Source: pinterest.ru

Monogrammed Stencil Wooden Sliced Coasters

These stenciled wooden coasters not only make a great accent to your tabletops but also a great gift for a wedding or bridal shower gift. The blank ink looks professional and sophisticated and you can totally create your own using leftover trees in your own backyard.

Monogrammed Stencil Wooden Sliced Coasters
Monogrammed Stencil Wooden Sliced Coasters – Source: unoriginalmom.com

How? Are you interested in trying one of the interesting ideas above? Hopefully, this article can help you in changing the atmosphere of your home by only using an arrangement of beautiful pieces of wood from nature for you.

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